To receive a comprehensive sales proposal on your preferred businesses of interest, you must firstly fill out our

Confidentiality Agreement

If the file doesn't open immediately please check your "Downloads" folder.

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Confidentiality Agreement

We are going to send you some confidential information. Please read our Confidentiality Agreement (opens in a new window), and then tick the box to say you agree to keep the information confidential.

Get High Priority (Optional)

If you allow us to verify your financials quickly, and we tell the seller that you do have enough money to buy their business, you will look very attractive to the seller, and stand out in the list of applicants. We also tend to focus more on people who supply as much information as possible up front. If you would like to move to the top of the High Priority list, please enter the contact details for your Accountant and Solicitor, and allow us to contact them and discuss your financials. We will only talk about your financials that relate to buying this business, in order to verify your ability to finance the payment.

If you are not ready to supply your financial details yet, you can leave these boxes blank.
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