To receive a comprehensive sales proposal on your preferred businesses of interest, you must firstly fill out our

Confidentiality Agreement

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Want 'High Priority' status?

We usually receive about 30 applications to buy a business.

We process them in the order we receive them, which means there are probably other buyers ahead of you in the queue.

If you would like to move into a "High Priority" queue, and have your enquiry processed before other buyers in the queue, please fill out these extra details.


Get High Priority No thanks

We tend to focus more on people who supply their financial details up front, because we have found this usually means they are more ready to buy, and things move a lot faster.

If you already have your financials in order, and have access to funds (such as cash, assets, or bank approval has already been given to you), please fill out these details.



Get EXTREME High Priority

If you allow us to verify your financials quickly, and we tell the seller that you do have enough money to buy their business, you will look very attractive to the seller, and stand out in the list of applicants.

If you would like to move to the top of the High Priority list, please enter the contact details for your Accountant and Solicitor, and tick the box that says you allow us to contact them and discuss your financials. We will only talk about your financials that relate to buying this business, in order to verify your ability to finance the payment.


If you are not sure about all this, or you are not ready to supply your financial details just yet, simply go to the next step.


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